Welcome & What to Expect

Welcome to Adoption for Life

Adoptive family through domestic adoptionWe are excited to walk with you on this exciting journey to becoming parents through adoption!
On this site you will find nine self-guided lessons that walk you through each step of the process. We suggest that you begin with the first three. It can get overwhelming but putting first things first will help you on your journey. Begin with:

    • Getting Started: Define your preferences for a child, learn about the different types of adoption, and determine your adoption path.


    • Your Adoption Home Study: Learn what to expect, what a home study really is, and explore the referrals from your coordinator.


The best place to start is with our Getting Started webinar, an introduction to Adoption for Life. This gives you tips and information on how you can make the most of the first three lessons.
Your primary coordinator will be your monthly touchpoint and will help coordinate your other services such as professional referrals, profile review, and birth mother screening.
The methods taught in Adoption For Life are the methods that founder Mardie Caldwell used to adopt. We respond to changes in technology and stay on the cutting edge of adoption, so there will be updates and changes from time to time. We will be sure you are informed in the weekly blog posts.

You will likely have many questions throughout the process. I encourage you to stay in touch through your monthly check-ins and the two live webinars we will have each month, one of which will be solely devoted to answering your questions.
There are also valuable bonus resources that will be invaluable to you throughout this process, including definitions of common adoption terms, a recommended reading list, and more. Remember, the site continues to change and grow as we find or discover new resources to help you adopt.
Again, Welcome to Adoption For Life!