Why Should We Choose Adoption for Life?

heath amyIf you are starting your adoption research and need answers, Adoption for Life can help. We are adoption professionals offering a wonderful adoption consulting plan. You’ll have 30 years of experience at your fingertips, from an adoption professional who has actually “been there, done that” and has helped thousands to succeed in becoming parents through adoption.
Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. is an award-winning adoption author of seven books, infertility patient, adoptive mother, motivational speaker, and adoption expert on all aspects of adoption.  Mardie has an adoption agency in Florida. Completing over 120+ adoptions each year, her companies help adoptive parents and birth parents find the right adoption plan for their child.
In our Adoption For Life program, we provide education and consulting to those who want to take the reins in the journey to parenthood. We can help you create the life you dream of through adoption! Adoption for Life has decades of experience and our track record proves that we are very good at what we do. We provide the recipe along with a step-by-step adoption plan that is proven to help reach your goals. The desire must start within you to dedicate yourself to these steps for your success. We’ll guide you and provide recommendations specific to your needs and finances.
vince dana babyWe provide you with all of the tools and direction you need, along with our 30 years of adoption experience to glean from and refer back to as needed. We provide you with a private membership site and monthly check in’s. 
By helping you define your adoption plan early, you’ll be able to have a clear vision of how you want your adoption journey to look and what it takes to become successful. Education is key and is available to you throughout the months you’ll work with the Adoption for Life program. There is power in knowledge! We’ll talk with you about creating a custom outreach and marketing plan specific to your needs to reach your goal of adopting. Adoption for Life will help you organize your thoughts and answer your questions (many you might not have known to ask about!) This will take the pressure off of you. You’ll always be encouraged. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s natural and we encourage questions at our monthly adoption Q & A Webinars.
Our team has been described as compassionate, caring, resourceful in many areas that you’ll find valuable, extremely knowledgeable in the adoption process and diligent to share the pitfalls to avoid. You’ll find we aren’t pushy but will give you firm guidelines to follow that will save you time, money and stress.
You have an important role in your adoption success and it begins with a specific plan to start. We’ll guide you, provide real samples and examples of successful profiles and adoption plans all along with helpful resources you’ll need for each step of your adoption journey. You have control over your outcome when you utilize these valuable resources and knowledge your adoption team brings to the program.
You can book a free consultation or attend a free informational webinar about how Adoption For Life can help you with your dream of becoming parents through adoption! Please call us at (727) 493-0933 or email us.