Adoption for Life Reviews

Here’s what other families have said about our adoption consulting program:

Just What We Needed!

adley suire3I can’t fly so a nationwide program was out for us. I loved the Lifetime model but appreciated that they were up front about the limitations we have. We got the best of both worlds, the support and program that we wanted, but the ability to find a birth parent ourselves in a five state radius. This program is just what we needed!
 – Kymber and Rich

Works With Our Budget

We know our budget is lower than a lot of other people who want to be parents. We can afford the consulting plan to get help and learn how to do it, and then spend as we earn on the networking opportunities like online ads. This works with our budget.
– Sara and Thom

Find The Child God Showed Us

Baby Scott_Bell_110218_008-EditMy wife believes there is a specific child for us, and our goal is to find the child that God showed us. Because what we are looking for is very specific, most agencies won’t work with us. But with the Adoption For Life methods, we believe we will locate that child. We also like that you will talk to any birth mothers that contact us and are not what we are looking for. We don’t want to reject anyone and are glad that we don’t have to do that. Adoption is hard enough.   – Kris and Hao

It Is In Our Hands

With four boys, we really want a girl. A lot of agencies require a higher fee or simply won’t let us specify. We know it is more difficult, but we are willing to do the work and take the time to make it happen. With this program, it is in our hands, we are in control. We will be putting in our ads that we want a girl so birth mothers know right away. I know we will find her.
– Steph and Steve

I’m Done Waiting

I am a Type A personality so I like to be hands on and taking care of business all the time. I don’t want to wait by the sidelines for something to happen, I want to take action today. This is exactly what I need. As a single woman, I’m done waiting for the right man. I have the time and the energy to be a mom, I just need the guidance to be shown how to make it happen. I’m ready, let’s get going!
 – Keyona