Audio Programs/Budget Info

What’s Next?

Your next step is to listen to two audio programs that share more about Adoption For Life.
In this audio program, we share all about Adoption For Life with you. Press the play button on the right to start listening to the recording:



This next audio program discusses the most popular questions adoptive parents ask about Adoption For Life. Press the play button to start listening to the recording:



Now that you’ve completed listening to the audio programs, please call or email your adoption coach to discuss any questions about starting your prorgram!

Planning Your Adoption Budget

For adoptive parents seeking domestic, private adoption, the financial details are an important part of the adoption planning. We would like to take a moment to share with you the budget details to consider when you become an Adoption For Life family. We understand that adoptive parents come from a variety of financial circumstances, and we plan to discuss these details further with you during our phone conference.

The total, flat fee for Adoption For Life is, $5,900.

Other expenses outside of the program fee include:

  • Home Study ($1-3 thousand)
  • Legal Services ($6-10 thousand, depending on what’s involved with the case you choose)
  • Travel (you choose whether traveling near or far)
  • Profiles (you choose whether your profile will be all digital, or if you’d like to pay for printed profiles)
  • Outreach (you choose the budget for networking and outreach, can be large or small)
  • Birth Mom Expenses (you choose the limit – we recommend setting a budget from $0 to up to $3-5 thousand)