Jason & Ally’s Adoption Story: From Grieving to Hope for the Future

Jason and Ally's Story
Lifetime often meets adoptive parents in the middle of their journeys to parenthood, at a crossroads where loss—of a dream, of a child, of a pregnancy—meets the potential for good things ahead through adoption.

In this webinar, Lifetime mom, Ally, shares how she went through 4 miscarriages, attempts at IVF, and how she knew she was called to adopt, even weeks before she miscarried her last pregnancy.

Sometimes it helps to know how other adoptive parents knew adoption was right for them, and Ally’s testimony offers tips for anyone starting out in the process, going through the wait, and preparing for baby’s arrival. Her story offers a validating discussion about grief and finding renewed hope through faith and determination. Ally even answered several questions from our audience, including:

  • How did you cope with thoughts of doubt in the waiting?
  • What was it like to have such little time to plan before you traveled for your son’s birth?
  • What should we pack ahead of time, and what should we buy after we arrive where baby has been born?
  • Did you worry about the birth mother changing her mind?
  • What does open adoption look like?
  • Did the hospital let you be involved as your son’s parents?
  • How did you manage staying out of state for weeks, with a baby in the NICU?