adoptive mother prays

Mother’s Day can bring up different emotions when you are waiting to adopt.  Some women are joyful in their adoption hopes, knowing they are on the right path, moving day-by-day, one step closer to their child. Others struggle with disappointment and frustration that motherhood doesn’t happen as ‘easy’ as it might seem for those who conceive biologically.  And still other mothers-in-waiting feel a mixed bag of emotion – hope mixed with worry, all jumbled up with a dream that next year they may be celebrating with a new child!
There is no right or wrong way to feel on this day when you are on a journey toward adoption.  I actually had a miscarriage on Mother’s Day one year, so for me, it has always been a day of challenging emotions, even after I became a mother through adoption.
My best advice for you on Mother’s Day, regardless of where your emotions are leading you, is to do something for someone else.  Maybe it’s an elderly woman at church you bring a treat to, a neighbor who might have her spirits boosted by a few roses from your garden, or a single mother struggling with full hands and an empty pocketbook.  Just to reach out in some way with actions that say “I’m thinking about you today,” can be a beautiful way to honor another woman who may also feel a bit left out on Mother’s Day.
These actions are so meaningful. They show people they are noticed, they are cared for, and they are loved.  It may be so easy for you to do, but so meaningful for someone else.  In fact, put yourself in their shoes, how amazing would it be for a neighbor to bring you roses, saying “I know you are waiting to adopt, but I wanted you to have these Mother’s Day roses, knowing I am praying for the child that is meant for your family.”
Here is a prayer for you today, to rededicate your adoption journey to the Lord:

Dear Lord,

I pray for patience today, for the timing is yours for our adoption,

I pray for wisdom and guidance for what to do and when to do it and for acceptance of the fact you have, my adoption all planned out already. I pray for our child and for their birth mother and for special protection around them, you know where they are and what their needs are, I pray for those needs now. I pray for the professionals that will help us find each other and for wisdom and discernment for them to do the work they need to help us. I trust you with our adoption. I place my fears at your feet and ask for comfort in my time of waiting.

In His Name Amen.



God bless you, and may Mother’s Day be a day of hope and Joy for you, a mother-in-waiting. Stay strong, know we are praying for you and your adoption. God is faithful and loves you very much (and we do too!).