adoption outreach cards template 5_frontAdoption Outreach Cards are an easy and effective way to do adoption networking.  They are low cost, easy to distribute, and can be an excellent way to communicate your adoption hopes.  Here is what one of our adoptive mothers reports:
I ordered Adoption Outreach Cards because it seemed like a faster, easier way to get started than doing online advertising.  (And let’s be honest, I’m not very techy and I wanted to do the things that seemed easier first!)  We sent all our information over and had them back in a week or two.
My first reaction was that they are BEAUTIFUL!  The colors, the glossy finish, it made me want to get out there and distribute them.  I was proud that I had a hand in making something so awesome!
I packaged them up in small amounts wrapped up with a rubber band – about 15 or 20 cards each.  I also wrote a card to each person I was going to give them to, asking that they have them available for anyone they come in contact with that might be considering adoption.  I sealed each card and stack of cards in an envelope with the persons name on the outside.  I really wanted this to be personal, even if I didn’t know them.  I wanted them to know I took the time.
Here’s how I made my list: I asked 5 of my friends for the names of their pastors and made packets for them. I found out the names of the doctors and midwives that deliver babies at our hospitals and made packets for them.  They were all just hand addressed, nice cards.
Then, I took a day and went and called on each of them. If they weren’t available, I left it with the secretary for them.  I said a little prayer each time before I got out of the car.  This was out of my comfort zone.
But guess what, it worked!
Our birth mom found us because her doctor gave her one of our little cards. And she called!
Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. I thought I would have to get online and figure it all out. But that one call turned into more, then lunch, and being in the delivery room for the birth of our son.  Our adoption finalizes in three months.  We could not be happier.
Thank you Mardie!
We love getting letters like this, and we love sharing them with you.  You can see what is working right now.
If you are interested in Adoption Outreach Cards, order them today.