For a change of pace, here is information on a current adoption scam that we are seeing perpetrated on waiting adoptive parents via Facebook, email, and text messaging.  Note how at the beginning, it sounds reasonable, but after asking very few questions, it quickly begins to have evidence of a scam – foreign sounding, refusal to talk by phone, odd references, and more. Stay safe!
Hello! My hubby and I are seriously looking to place our newborn baby boy and were wondering if you are still looking for a baby?  We want an open adoption. He is 3 days old and we live in Maryland. We are still in the hospital, BTW.
Yes! Would love to learn more. Can we chat by phone?
Sure, do you want to see pics of him? We are at Mercy in Baltimore (345 Saint Paul Place). Can we do open adoption?
Yes, would love photos. What’s your phone number?
How soon can you pick him up? Did you get the pics?
No, no pics yet. I tried your phone, and it went to voice mail. Can you speak in a few minutes? We can be in Maryland tomorrow.
Yes, we can talk later. We are so excited that our baby boy will be getting a lovely prepared home and want nothing but a better future for him tomorrow. We can start processing the adoption papers tomorrow morning if you don’t mind so that we have everything done before next weekend. We need your full names and address for the papers at social welfare. Once we change his birth certificate to your names and register your file, he will be handed over to you.  We can scan the copies to you so you can sign them and resend back to us so that it can be validated and approved. From there we shall work out a meeting for you to come here for the baby or we can travel to you. It will cost you $1250 to have all the adoption papers registered and processed, but you will need to first send $590 for the adoption certification fee and transfer.
We would be interested in adopting your baby, but this doesn’t sound legal. We have our own attorney. Can you please call to discuss the process?
Oh my good God in heaven, please you have nothing at all to worry about. We rest assured and fully guarantee you 100% you are going to receive your baby once you understand and send the money, OK? We are God-fearing and full Christians so much that we can’t stoop so low to stain our relationship with God and most of all stain our reputation for money. NEVER in life we can do such an ungodly thing such as lying to you or cheating your hard earned money when you are seriously in need of a child to love and care for. You will be saving the fee for the adoption agency by working straight with us.  So please, if you truly want the baby, our little baby, then feel very free because we shall have to sort everything out with our attorney. We need to do this soon because of our church crusade seriously approaching, so we shall be going through a closed adoption to save time and money. If it’s OK by you, we shall process all of the adoption at the social welfare confirming and handling all his social rights over to you. From there we work on a meeting for you so that he gets to his adoptive parents and will also take advantage of us meeting the new parents of our baby and saving the fee for the adoption agency. It will cost you not much to process and only 1 week. Please confirm with your names so we can start.  And we can arrange payments.