facebook-live-videoIf you are actively managing your Facebook adoption page, it’s a great time to explore what using Facebook Live can do for you.
What is Facebook Live?
Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live video and, most importantly, it pops up at the top of your friends’ Facebook feed.
How can broadcasting live video help my adoption?
Think about your goal with your page – to reach more people, encouraging them to share your page with others, in hopes that someone who is considering adoption contacts you through it.  You can use Facebook Live to do just that!
An easy (first) live video would be a short one, saying “HI” to all your followers.  Share a little bit about why you are doing what you are doing, and how they can help.  Like this:
“Hi, Brenda here with you live!  I just wanted to pop on and say thank you for following our Facebook page! Tom and I are so excited about using Facebook to connect with a woman who would like to consider us as adoptive parents for her baby.  If you could take just a moment to share our page with your friends and ask them to do the same, we would be grateful. The more people who see our page and see us, the better!  Thanks for your help and have a great day!”
Easy, right?  After that’s done, the video goes into your video archive and your friends who weren’t watching live at the time will be alerted that you were live and encourage them to watch it.
That’s cool, but what else can we do with Facebook Live?
You can use it for all kinds of live video for your page.  Maybe you are with your mom and she says to you, “I wish I could tell potential birth mothers how great you are!”  Perfect! Pull up Facebook Live and record:
“Hey, it’s Brenda here, and I’m just having lunch with my mom.  This is totally unscripted but my mom wanted to share a special message with you…”
Let your mom talk, then close it out by asking everyone who likes and follows you to share your page with others, in hopes that just the right woman will see it and know you are praying for her today.
The possibilities are unlimited!
What if we haven’t started a Facebook page for our adoption yet. Do we need to have that first?
Yes.  Today, the most important thing you can do for your adoption is to have a page on Facebook and share it. You can do very low cost targeted ads too.  Some families are reporting they are connecting with potential birth mothers in just a few months.
If you have questions, ask your coordinator.  Hope to see you on Facebook Live!