bmom on facebookDo you have a standalone adoption website you have created? Maybe you’ve been paying for Google AdWords or promoting it on Craigslist or other online venues.  But have you optimized a message for Facebook sharing?

Your Facebook friends can be some of your best online networkers with simply hitting the ‘Share’ button.  Here are the steps:

  1. Review your website and test your phone number and email response.  Be sure to test that they are all working.  You don’t want to have a potential birth mother see you and have the response opportunities broken!
  1. Prepare your close friends on Facebook them by sending a private message. “Hi Sarah, As you know Joe and I are in the process of adopting and right now we are searching for a pregnant woman who wants to pick us for her baby. I’m going to be posting our website tonight on my Facebook feed.  Would you mind sharing it to your page? Maybe even put a little note on the share asking your friends to share? We appreciate it SO much! See you at Bible Study!”
  1. Share your page – be sure your privacy settings for this post are set to ‘Public’.  This is a post you want everyone to be able to see and share!
  1. Post it with a message like ‘Joe and I are so excited about becoming first time parents! Please share our adoption hopes with your Facebook friends.  We are hoping for an open adoption so are eager to talk to any expectant moms considering adoption.’
  1. Watch what happens.  It may go far and wide, it may sputter a bit.  Each time may be a bit different.

This is a technique that should not be use a LOT.  Once every month or two is plenty. It’s good to choose a different photo to use as the featured photo with the post each time so people don’t think they have seen it already.  If you have a Facebook page instead of a website, share it this way too!  Or, if you have a listing on another site.  Whatever you have, share it with others for maximum exposure!