Overwhelmed with adoption lessonsQ: Our coordinator said to start with the first three modules, but I am already overwhelmed. Help! What should we do?

A: I understand, adoption can be overwhelming. Starting with the first three lessons is definitely the best place to begin but let’s break it down a little more.

  1. Read Lesson 1.  Talk, think about, pray about, the path to your child. Discuss what you are open to.  Try to get a clean list of what your preferences are.  Once you have your list, think more about it.  You can always change it, but it gives you a starting point.
  1. Contact your coordinator for a home study referrals. Call and request the paperwork required for home study, time frame, and fees.  You may not know all the answers to the questions you are asking, but having the paperwork is a good starting point. You shouldn’t have to pay anything at this time.  If you do, then hold off for now.
  1. Read Lesson 2.  Before starting your home study, you will need to decide what type of adoption you want.  So if you still aren’t sure, revisit Lesson 1.  Most families in this program will pursue an independent domestic adoption where they find their own birth mother. Even if you find a waiting child through the state, your home study should be fine if for independent.
  1. Evaluate the home study referrals, ask more questions, interview them, and choose one.  You will need to start the paperwork and gathering the required documents.
  1. While you are doing the home study paperwork, begin to look at Lesson 3 so you can begin to take photos for your profile and website.  You can read the entire thing when you are ready to start your profile, but just get familiar with some of the samples here and in your Welcome Kit.

Remember, when I was adopting, I worked on my adoption each day.  I spent an hour every day. If I felt like doing more or if I really needed to do more, I would.  When the hour was up, I felt as though I could put it away, knowing that I had made progress each and every day.

For more tips on where to begin, talk to your coordinator.  She is a great source of knowledge!