Dear Mardie,
We are matched and looking for a hotel near the hospital for after the baby is discharged and planning to stay there until we receive clearance to travel home. In preparing our things, I realized that I need something to sterilize the baby bottles.
The area we are going to is pretty rural, and the only hotels within 30 miles seem to only have microwaves. It seems like a silly question but do
 you know what other families have done?
Wonderful question! As moms-to-be, we often think back to what our mothers may have done, which is to bring a pot of water to a boil and dump in all the various parts and pieces that require sterilization to keep baby germ free during the first few months of life.
The good news is that as the years pass, different things have been invented and created to help make life easier, and in the field of bottle sterilization, new inventions abound!
Just a simple Google search for “bottle sterilizing” will bring up a myriad of choices. It’s hard to make just one recommendation as some are dependent on the type of bottle you choose, as well as the type of bottle your baby will take. However, there are a number of options:
Microwave Sterilizer: Munchkin and Dr. Brown’s both make a sterilizer that you add water and run in the microwave to ensure bottle safety. Each may not fit all sizes of bottles, but for on the road convenience, it is portable, light and easy.
Electric Sterilizer: A number of bottle companies, including Avent as well as baby product companies like Chicco, make electric sterilizers. These offer more size options and can be specific to your brand of bottle, or have more universal fit options. They weigh more than the microwave versions, but for ultimate convenience, all you need is a plug and a little water. No worries either if the microwave isn’t quite large enough.
Microwave Sterilizing Bags: When space is at a premium, consider the sterilizing bags that Medela sells. They are small enough to fit in a diaper bag and weigh only as much as a Ziploc bag. They are specially made to sterilize your bottle immediately, and can be used up to 20 times. Might be good to keep a couple with you on the road, just in case!
As a side note, many hospitals load couples up on sterile, disposable nipples and formula in bottles. Take all you are offered! It will make the middle of the night feedings easier, especially when you are still on the road!