Usually, there are always a few people who begin the adoption process, only to find themselves paralyzed by the work involved.  The sheer quantity of papers to be completed, appointments to be made, things to be written, photos to take and decisions to make can feel overwhelming!  Especially if you are beginning the process after a journey through fertility treatments.  In some ways, adoption may seem like a relief; you are no longer begging and pleading with your body to perform.  But the amount of work… oh, my!

The result for paralyzed parents-to-be is often the same, slow completion of tasks if they are even completed at all.

To avoid this condition, ask yourself these questions to remind you of your true motivation and forge ahead in doing what needs to be done:

Do I really want to be a mommy or daddy?
This is usually an easy one, YES!  But it is a good mental reminder that all the requirements are with the end in mind.  These things are required of most all adoptive parents and are a part of the adoption process.

Are you closer to your goal today than you were a year ago, a month ago, a day ago?
This is an accountability question.  Are you making progress? Have you made progress since yesterday?  The answer should always be yes if you are devoting yourself to the process, just an hour a day!  If the answer isn’t yes, time to reset priorities and be sure that adoption makes the list.

How will you feel in a year from now if you have not reached your goal?
Ouch!  This one hurts, but it’s supposed to. Remember this is motivation for those who are frozen in place, overwhelmed and unable to take the steps needed in a timely and efficient manner.

Are you taking a small step every day so you can see progress toward your goal?
Here we are at that hour a day again.  Why do we recommend it so heavily? Because it works, it is necessary, and it propels you forward toward your goal of parenting.

Whatever part of your adoption you have waiting on you, grab hold of it today and devote yourself anew. If you have questions, give your coordinator a call – she’d love to hear from you!

Don’t be a paralyzed parent, take the proactive steps you need today to daily move one step closer to your baby.