video on cell phoneDear Mardie,

We know that you mention doing a video, but we are really uncomfortable seeing ourselves on video.  Is it that important that we do one for adoption? Or can we try it without one first? 
We have both a Facebook page done and a website, and finished our printed profile that we can have available for networking.

Adoption videos are one of my favorite things to talk about.  To answer your question, YES, do it!
Today’s women considering adoption LOVE video. They can see you, hear you, and feel as though they are making a connection with your from their phone or computer. They share the video with others helping them in the decision making process.  It gives them enough information that they can feel closer to you.
Think about our culture…  Once motion pictures were invented in the 1920’s, nothing was ever quite the same.  Suddenly books and plays were supplanted by live action video.  Now, almost 100 years later, we watch movies, television, videos on the internet, all of which we can view not just at a theater or television set, we carry access to these in our pockets via our cell phones.  Video is the preferred form of entertainment and, for many people, communication.
A potential birth mother can read about thousands of families, but a much smaller percentage have video. Wouldn’t you rather stand out from the crowd? Even if it makes a difference to just ONE potential birth mother, if that is the one carrying your child, then it has made all the difference in the world.
Some families ask if a slideshow is okay, and it is just that, okay.  It should never take the place of video or be assumed that it is a good alternative.  It is something, but nothing is as good as video that shows you smiling, talking, and sharing a little bit of your life and who you are.
So, now are you ready to do video?  Here are my top tips for your video (or slideshow, if you are starting there):

  1. Include your contact information.  You don’t want a potential birth mother to watch your video or slideshow and have her interest piqued, only to not know how to reach you.


  1. Be yourselves!  Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.  Talk in your regular voice, use your regular language, show yourself in a way that you would be recognized if you met up later.  Show your real house, doing things you really do.


  1. Look nice.  Be sure your hair is combed, you have your regular make-up on, your clothes are clean and pressed, and areas you show on the video are truly video ready (not a sink full of dirty dishes or a yard that clearly needs mowing).  Be yourselves, but put your best foot forward.


  1. Remember, don’t mention any financial incentives for adoption as it may not be legal everywhere. You can, however, express your willingness to get to know her and have an open adoption.

Once it’s done, upload it directly to Facebook, as well as YouTube and start sharing away! Remember, you never know who may know someone who knows someone who is considering adoption.