Ready to get Facebook ads going?  If your adoption page on Facebook is ready to roll and you are regularly posting, it’s time to put it out there to connect with birth mothers.  When setting your ads, you can target who sees them – this is a great tool and to make the most of it, here are our current recommendations:
This is really a personal choice.  You may want to show ads in your state for closer travel and less time out of state, or you may wish to be shown in a state with more population.  Similarly, you may not want to be shown in your town due to a desire for a little more privacy from people you know.  Facebook lets you target by city and/or by state.  Definitely take advantage of this because you don’t want your ad shown everywhere, which would include around the world.
Gender & Age
You want your ad shown only to women.   And for age, you have a little more flexibility but we usually choose 19-29.  Younger doesn’t yield as much and older may be more established and not looking into adoption.  This is the age range of the majority of birth mothers.
Targeted Interests
Again, this is a personal choice.  What type of things might your birth mother be interested in enough to follow? Bands, celebrities, interests, and more.  This is where knowing what young women today might be looking at.  A few years ago, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ was all the rage along with ‘Gilmore Girls’.  You can try different things here, but we suggest including at least 8-10 interests, and make them broad if possible.  Look around, ask a friend or family member in that age range, find out what is hot today with the type of woman you are seeking.  Keep in mind that interests may be specific to women of different races or stages in life.
Set a daily budget that is realistic and low to start with, so you can tweak before your ad spend is gone. Stay on top of results, which for you may simply be the number of people contacting you.  Remember, besides ads, share your Facebook page with your friends and ask them to do the same, to help you find the baby meant for you!