webinar-coupleEvery month provides opportunities to attend new adoption webinars live, including private webinars only open to Adoption for Life families. While it’s reasonable that sometimes schedules may conflict with live webinars, it’s easy to find a way to attend, if you make time to prioritize your adoption. In times when attending a webinar live just won’t work, listening to webinars online is the next best thing and will be just as helpful.


Adoption webinars cover a wide range of topics, tips, and experiences to help waiting families better prepare for the steps and phases of bringing a child home through adoption. If you think you know all there is to know about adoption, what to expect, and how to have as smooth a process as possible, think again. Skipping webinars could mean you’re missing out on more than reviewing the basics to a successful adoption.


Here are three things we love about our adoption webinars:


Community and connection:

Adoptive mom Beth shares, “Webinars were my lifeline while I was waiting to adopt.”

When you attend webinars live you’re gathered together with other adopting parents in our live audience…people moving through similar phases of the adoption process as you. Plus, each webinar gives you a chance to stay connected to the professionals in your corner, between monthly check in’s. It helps to know you’re not alone in the process. Learn from experts AND also from other adoptive parents in the audience.


Recent and relevant information:

Because webinars are live and not recorded way ahead of time, they stay current with the latest in adoption trends, tips, insights, and resources. Hear adoption stories from people who recently walked through the same process you’re in. If something is happening NOW in the adoption world, a webinar is probably one of the first places you’ll hear about it.


Hear from more than your primary contact:

Your personal consultant has a wealth of information to help you as you adopt, but she’s also part of a larger team that is helping you reach your goal. Webinars give you a chance to learn from other experts who can offer their experience with birth mothers and other topics (like profiles or home studies!) to better equip you for your own adoption match ahead.


Many adoptive parents in-waiting find webinars helpful, as well as encouraging. It can be challenging to wait patiently when you’re hoping to adopt, but webinars offer a validating, uplifting and productive resource to make the most of each step in your adoption path. To learn more about what to expect from webinars watch this replay or check out the dates for upcoming webinars.