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Did you catch our live webinar last week? If not, click here to watch a replay.  We guided you through the steps of how to begin using Facebook for adoption.
We have had a few requests for a written copy of the steps we covered, so here you go!


  1. Create a Facebook page which is different from a Facebook profile.


Your Facebook profile is your regular page on Facebook that you connect with friends and family on.  You may post updates or photos, or follow popular authors, celebrities, or causes to learn more about them or stay in the know.  If you don’t yet have a Facebook profile, you will need one of those first.


A Facebook page is a page created exclusively for your adoption search.  The webinar actually walks you through how to do it as well as the document Facebook Page Setup.  You want to create your page, post on it, create a schedule for future posting, and then publish it.  Be sure to install Facebook Messenger on your mobile device so when birth mothers contact you, you can answer them right away.


  1. Share your page, and ask others to do the same.


This is one of Facebook’s greatest strengths – the power of community.  Asking your friends and family members to repost on Facebook is easy. You may wish to explain to them in email or private message the importance of a simple share.  You never know who may know someone – even grandmothers have granddaughters with friends who may be pregnant and considering their options.  Get a following, build your online network.


Important note: Adoption groups are not the best for adoption networking – there are a lot of people there doing the same thing you are doing.  Look toward high school friends and connections, people you know professionally or through church, and other people who may be able to help you.


  1. Explore Facebook advertising opportunities.


Facebook allows you to be very specific with who sees your ads.  Also, there are a variety of types of ads you can do, including post boost, page like ads, and advertising your adoption website.  You can even advertise on Instagram through Facebook!  The cost is relatively low and you are in complete control of your budget.  Additionally, there are a variety of statistical reports Facebook provides so you can change your targeting, your budget, even the image your ad shows and see if the results change.


Don’t wait to get started with Facebook!  Even if you hold off doing ads right now, it is a perfect time to set up your page and begin posting about your adoption hopes and dreams!