Recently, we had a family who connected with a birth mother via their Facebook page.  She sent them a message through Facebook Messenger and started to get to know them a little bit.
They were initially surprised and a bit caught off guard by the inquiry, as they were not really doing any active networking or advertising yet.  They had been posting, starting to build up some videos, but then suddenly they had someone interested.
Once things progressed, they asked out of true curiosity, “How did you find our Facebook page?”
She shared with them that they were one of the first pages that popped up when she searched using a hashtag for #readytoadopt or #adoptababy.
This family is progressing along, moving toward a match and hopefully an adoption, but were thrilled to see their page show results before they were actively putting much into it!
So, remember and learn about the many tools available to you, including the use of hash tags when you post.  Take this lesson from a family and choose hash tags judicially and use them as it makes sense on your posts.
Here are a few we’ve seen used for you to consider:
Don’t just limit yourself to these, use what works for you and your post individually!