couple on webinarDear Mardie,
I have been reading and listening to everything on the website. How important is it to attend the webinars live or check in with my coordinator? I don’t feel like I need more information. And I don’t really feel a need the check in.
I’m glad that you are finding Adoption For Life so comprehensive that you have answers to all of your questions!
First let’s talk about the webinars… They are designed so you can get answers not only to your questions, but perhaps other people’s questions that may be further along in the process than you are. There are valuable tips that are shared, including what is working for people right now. I have found that more effort and energy put into adoption often yields a greater return in the form of a faster and safer adoption. You are learning in a different way and are part of a community – this is of great value! You may also get great inspiration about changes to make or motivation to propel you past a place you were stuck.
Next, about your coordinator… She is there for a few reasons. Yes, to answer your questions but also to keep you accountable. She is eager to know your progress and help you continue moving forward in the right direction. She wants to get to know you and help you with your profile and website. She is a great resource for referrals and general adoption assistance. And, many of our staff also have personal adoption experience that they may share with you. She is more than just a check-in call, she wants to take a sincere interest in your adoption success, but she can’t if you don’t make the time to use her as the resource she is.
I understand that accountability can be tough, especially when we know we are capable of greater progress than we have been making. But that is exactly when we need an accountability partner or motivation to stay on track. It is too easy to just spend the money and put it away, thinking “I did my part.” Adoption isn’t like that, it isn’t a passive activity. It requires specific steps and action behind those steps.
Commit yourself to putting your full energy into adoption if you have areas that need attention. We are here for you, each and every day. And we look forward to celebrating new parenthood with you!