webinar importance
One of the greatest benefits of the Adoption for Life program are the two webinars that happen each month, exclusively for contracted families. The webinars are open for all families to attend live. 
And, when you do attend life, you can participate, submit questions, give feedback, and learn.  For many waiting families, this enhances the feeling of community, and reminds them that there are others right where they are.  We have seen time and again through the years that the families that participate often are the ones that adopt sooner.
The webinars are all recorded and posted for future viewing and listening.  We always recommend that if you miss one, you take the time (maybe you make it your one hour a day) to go back and listen to it, taking notes or jotting down any questions you wish to ask your coordinator on your next check-in.
Interestingly, there always are a few people who choose not to listen to them, either live or recorded.  When asked why people don’t often attend, there are usually the same four responses:
They are at a bad time for us.
We try to schedule them at popular times, and will swap things up a bit when we are able.  If better days and/or times work for you, please tell your adoption coordinator!  She will ensure that we are able to schedule some during times that work for everyone.  Also, be sure you go back and listen to the recordings. They are all there.
I already have my <profile, home study, etc.> done so don’t need that information.
If you already have completed steps that are the topic of the webinar, we can understand not wanting to set aside time for a rehash. However, keep in mind that there may be important information or updates shared that you may not have had access to at the time. For instance, perhaps recent feedback from birth mothers has tweaked some of our recommendations for profiles or wording. You may be able to learn something new and go update your website quickly based on the information.
We are already well educated about <open adoption, the legal aspect, birth mothers, etc.>.
Just when any of us feel like we have it all figured out, it seems inevitable that a new situation pops up and reminds us that our world is always changing.  You can learn something from everyone’s experience, even if you think you’ve heard it all before.  Every little nugget of information you learn and tuck away is preparing you for your own adoption. What a blessing to be able to be at the hospital and think “I remember that from listening to a birth mother on a webinar that it meant a lot that the adoptive parents brought her a hamburger. I’ll offer to get my birth mother take out!”  Things you never thought of before might be shared, and if you don’t listen, you’ll never know.
They never help me.
This is feedback we often get from adoptive parents who are in a place of weariness.  They are tired of waiting, tired of seeing their friends give birth or adopt, tired of it not being their time.  Often, it isn’t a true weariness, but a weariness of wanting something they don’t yet have.  One of the things we try to focus on in the webinars is staying positive, inspiring hope, giving reassurance, and keeping you on the path to the child God has meant for you.  If you don’t show up, you don’t get the support, care, and blessing we are able to provide.
Make time to attend the webinars if you can. Mark your calendars. These are one of the most valuable tools you have for helping you adopt sooner, safer, and more successfully.