adoptive couple profile workMost adoptive families find it helpful to do a print version of their profile. It gives you something to pass around for networking and is more tangible than a website, especially for people who may work directly with women facing an unplanned pregnancy.  You can choose to spend a lot or a little on these, however they need to convey the message about you, your adoption hopes, and the life you have to offer a child.
An important part of your printed profiles is conveying that you will be providing a safe, stable and loving home.  Here are three profile tips that many families overlook, and that can make you stand out from the crowd:
Layout is organized and makes sense.
This conveys that you are orderly people.  You know that things have a place and a general order.  It conveys the message that you put thought into what you created and are prioritizing what you perceive may be important to the reader. Contrast this with an unorganized profile, that is a mishmash of topics and photos.  That could be confusing and leave the reader wondering what exactly you are trying to communicate and who you believe you are communicating to.
Profile is neat and well printed.
Many times, I have seen profiles that are simply sloppy.  Photos have not been sized properly which makes people seem extra slim or wide, there are random black marks here and there, or they were just sloppily copied. Similarly, trying to save a penny or two by printing double sided on very thin paper can yield a product that is hard to read as time goes on.  Perhaps it curls or just feels cheap to the touch.  You can make it nice and well done for just a little more.
Final Product is Too Professional
You want your profile to be warm and have a somewhat home-created feel to it.  A profile that is too professional may have a spiral binding, clear cover sheet, and stiff back cover, looking more like a business report.  Similarly, charts and graphs need to be used sparingly, if at all.  Don’t be afraid to do it nicely, on the computer, but keep it warm and friendly.
Not Having a Profile
Many families today are doing more of their networking and outreach online, opting to not have a printed profile.  While I understand this completely, it is nice to have something available should someone else.  It is also a nice keepsake for your child and your child’s birth mother, especially if she does not want a lot of ongoing contact.
Remember that your coordinator is available to review your profile and give you tips to make it stronger and target what birth mothers are seeking.  Be sure that she has a copy, even if just a PDF copy, to have on hand with your file as well.