Family having a barbecue partySharing a special or unique family tradition can be a valuable part of your adoption profile and website.  Many birth mothers crave the stability that something like a tradition can share with their child.
One key to remember is that it should be unique or special. Opening presents on Christmas morning is nice, but it won’t really make you more memorable than another potential adoptive parent since most families do this.  You may not have something to include from your past, but if you are eager to begin a tradition, it’s okay to include that too.
Here are a few samples from family profiles:
Elf on the Shelf
We love the Elf on the Shelf book and traditions that we see so many other families doing with their children, posing the elf in surprising places just prior to Christmas. We look forward to starting an Elf on the Shelf tradition with our child!
Fourth of July
Independence Day (July 4) was always special to Sara growing up.  She lived in a small town and it was the one day a year that her mother made homemade ice cream. They would set up a full sundae bar to go with the rich, vanilla ice cream that would be churning as her dad set off family fireworks in the back yard. They still do this every year, though her parents are older now and Sara’s brothers have taken over lighting the fireworks. We are excited for our child to share this special tradition.
Block Parties
Even though we live in a big city, the families on our block are close and tight knit.  We have block parties scheduled the first Friday of every month in the summer. It lets us get together and have a potluck, the kids all play, and we just catch up as a neighborhood. Even though many of us see each other daily, the older folks on the block enjoy the opportunity to catch up with the working families and see the kids grow.
Andrew is very close to his brothers (all five of them!) and every year, they make it a point to take all their children into the local photo studio and have a photo done of all of the cousins together.  This was a tradition that they did in Andrew’s family as he grew up, and the photos are such treasures today!  We cannot wait for our child to be a part of this fun family tradition too!
Remember, share a photo or two also if you have them!  Pictures complete the image that your words describe.